Mental Health Awareness Week 17/5/18

This year the emphasis is on stress. In my opinion, we all suffer with different levels of stress in our lifetime. Young people these days too are under so much pressure. Whether they are at school or university, the prospect of sitting exams is daunting for some. Those leaving education and seeking their first job will experience different stress related issues and anxiety problems in some cases. Then we have the added daily stresses of getting to and from work. Relying on public transport can be frustrating and give us negative thoughts. The stress of family life in general can be difficult for many. Father, mother, son or daughter, we are all different and certain situations make us worry more than others. When we approach retirement, the stress of having enough money can be a problem.


But for this week, let's all concentrate on looking out for eachother. Check your colleagues at work are ok, people at home or your neighbours are ok, Remember it's ok not to be ok.

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