Watch the weight drop off!

As someone who knows how it feels to be a little larger than most people, I can relate to my clients needs when it comes to weight reduction. I have lost nearly 5 stones over the last few years. Originally, i just watched my food intake and did a little excersise. I the hit a brick wall.


I then discovered self-hypnosis which inspired me to lose more weight. I still have a way to go but I know I'm on the right track.


The Gastric Band therapy has proved to be very successful. For people that want a boost to get started or a push in the right direction then a one off session is ideal.


Anyone that is more serious about weight reduction tends to opt for the four session package. This not only includes the Gastric Band therapy but also includes other areas like motivation, willpower, portion control, snacking, focus and self - hypnosis tuition.


One session costs £65 and the four session package costs £195. Free consultations available. 

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