The Benefits Can Be Huge


When I first started training to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I did not set out to be a specialist in any specific field or aim my services at a type or age range of people. Although I am in danger of sounding cheesy, I wanted to gain experience in as many client issues as possible which has led to helping clients of all ages from 7 to mid 70's. It is fair to say that I have improved the lives of many who have come to the studio with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression issues. Some of these people include children and young people in their teens.



Working with this age group, although challenging at times has proved a joy for me. The way in which their young minds absorb the information is incredible. It seems the less life experience they have, the easier it is to redirect their minds towards a path of positivity as their imagination capabilities respond so well. Being creative and concentrating on the goals ahead seem to get results quickly as they work through the metaphors and suggestions I put to them.


Obviously, for anyone under 18 years of age, I insist that they have someone sit in at all sessions. I offer a free consultation to all my clients, so if you are unsure about whether I can help or not, feel free to make an appointment. You get the chance to meet me, get a feel for the comforting environment that I work in and also get the chance to ask any questions you may have.


Nobody should have to feel negatively about their thoughts or whatever happens in their everyday life. When you walk down the street on the way to work or taking the children to school. They are all fighting their own battles in their minds. The ones that move on in a positive manner are the ones that seek help.





This is a review that can be seen via Google from a lady that came to see me at the end of 2017 regarding a family issue.


Dave was so wonderful with helping us, the difference he has made to our family has been incredible. He is so calm, patient and very easy to communicate with and the big difference with Dave is that he really cares about his clients and their situation. I can't recommend him highly enough - just amazing!


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