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I offer therapy treatments that are focused and not rushed. There are no time limits on our sessions. My therapy sessions offer clients a place to come and talk about their issues in confidence and with complete discretion in comfortable surroundings. My support extends further than the therapy sessions, you can contact me to help stay on track and I can teach you self-hypnosis so that you can apply your own therapy to stressful situations with a view to achieve results that could last a lifetime.


Please feel free to contact me by email, telephone, Facebook, twitter or even text me! The first step can sometimes be nerve racking as some clients’ issues may be personal, it maybe something they have never shared with anyone before or some people are just plain shy!


I offer free consultations with all my clients at my studio. There is no harm in coming for a chat and ask as many questions as you wish.





These therapies are my main focus but there are many hypnotherapy techniques which can assist different issues.



                 Stress & Anxiety Management 

You are not alone. I pride myself on creating a trusting rapport with my clients. We will take this therapy one step at a time at a pace that suits you. Everyone is different and I respect that. Hypnotherapy is a beautiful experience and a therapy that will assist with all stress related problems with full support provided.

                            Smoking Cessation

Maybe you have smoked every day for years or you may only smoke socially or on special occasions. We all know how unhealthy it is to smoke cigarettes or rolled tobacco. Even E-cigs have many health risks! Together we can stop this habit now!! I offer two types of therapy, a hard hitting 2 hour session or a four visit programme which includes daily text support and free post therapy consultation. Break the habit before it breaks you!


We can be addicted to just about anything we do! Hypnotherapy techniques can alter your attitude towards addictions such as gambling, sex, TV and gaming to name just a few of the issues I have dealt with recently.

                              Fears & Phobias

No-body is born afraid of spiders, heights or even clowns! Nobody is born with a dislike of water, flying or even cotton wool! Together we can quash these anxious feelings through hypnosis and look ahead to a less stressful life and maybe achieve something which fear has been holding back!

                            Weight Reduction

I have personally written a plan that will guarantee fat loss if you follow my lead and take the necessary commitment steps. This is a direct approach and consists of 6 sessions over a 12 week period. It comes with full daily text support and a refresher session up to three months after the course. The results will be amazing a positive and organised mind.


Nail biting or teeth grinding are just two examples of unwanted habits that we can extinguish together. There are many different techniques of hypnotherapy which I will investigate on your behalf to achieve a positive outcome. Sometimes just one session can be enough as we teach the subconciuos mind redirection strategies.

                             Past Life Regression

Who were you in a past life? This hypnosis technique allows you to recover memories from your past, often having outstanding and intersting results.




                            Monthly Q and A

I host a monthly Q and A meeting at the studio on the first Saturday of every month at 12pm. You will need to book a place as numbers are restricted. I have introduced this session as it is the perfect place to find out more about Hypnotherapy, meet me and ask any questions you may have. This session is free but you will need to reserve your place by following the link on this page.


                   Self Hypnosis Group Therapy

This group course of no more than ten people is designed to give you self hypnosis skills. You will learn how to relax, breathe and place yourself in a safe trance state. You can then perform your own therapy! Please remember to book your place, refreshments are provided too. This session takes place on the third Saturday each month and you can reserve your place on line now by following the link at the bottom of the page. Private groups can also be booked. Please contact me for more details.

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