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Lockdown 20/21 – My Personal Journey

I thought that I would share with you some personal information with how I have coped with the last 12 months. I am in a privileged situation. I see so many clients on a day to day basis that share some deep personal details with me. Some of these details they do not share with their closest loved-ones. They trust in me to use this information so that I can prepare a plan for their therapy. I am honoured for them to put their trust in me and in return I prepare the very best sessions for them to make their life better.

I closed my studio in March 2020. Some of my existing clients paused their sessions whist other and new clients started on-line meetings with me. Although beneficial, these zoom sessions can prove to be a little tricky. Sometimes there are “techy” problems and there have been a few pet problems too! Cats jumping on laps and dogs barking have been just a couple of the issues. Phones ringing, motorbikes passing by and people entering the room have also caused problems but all-in-all we have had some great results over the internet.

My studio reopened in the latter part of 2020 and I enjoyed spending some face to face time with my clients but in the build up to this I found myself spending a lot of time alone. I tried to avoid watching too much TV, especially the news! I like to research certain subjects that are associated with hypnotherapy and I am always looking at different techniques to use with my clients but I still had lots of time to fill most days. I decided to write a book. This not only helped fill my time but it helped so much with my own mental health and wellbeing. You can read more about my book here

Although it is important to stay in touch with family and friends during difficult times, you should never neglect yourself and your own wellbeing. I produced a guide to help you with this too and can be downloaded for free 

As we reached the next major part of lockdown, once again I found myself looking for inspiration, a new focus, more time filling and making sure I was mentally strong especially for my clients, some of which were really struggling. I had lost some weight in 2020 but I knew it was time to step up this weight loss thing but also to help myself by exercising more. I signed up to a walking challenge app and began to walk several miles a day. By the middle of March I had lost another 20 pounds and walked 260 miles. Mentally, getting out and about is so important.

In summary, having a focus and having the right mindset has helped me. Writing a book and walking out in the fresh air has certainly kept me on track together with a regular helping of self-hypnosis. I’m available for a free consultation or just a chat if you wish which can be booked here

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