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Welcome to my brand new website and I thought I would retrack my steps and guide you through my journey so far.

So, how did my journey to become a successful Hypnotherapist begin? Throughout my working career, I have always enjoyed working with people, firstly as a travel agent and then within the hospitality trade. A few years ago, I started attending mind, body, and spirit events, selling crystals and minerals to the public. I loved the atmosphere at these events. Everyone was lovely, especially the therapists who were presenting their skills. I knew therapy of some kind was going to be my future, but I was not sure which road to take. I met a hypnotherapist at one of these events and I got hooked!

I began to read all sorts of hypnosis - based material on-line before signing up for an affiliated course. This was intense but I enjoyed every minute of it. I gained confidence quickly and tested my skills on family members and friends of friends etc. This meant that when I wanted to start a business, I was ready and hit the ground running.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of clients in so many ways. My youngest client has been a 7-year-old boy and the eldest has been an 83-year-old woman. I deal with people that have addictions like smoking or gambling. I assist people with fears and phobias. This could be a fear of flying, heights or maybe spiders, other insects or even cotton wool!

My technique which helps people lose weight has been extremely successful. This method entitled “Gastric Band Therapy” allows the client to think their stomach is smaller than it is. The knock-on effect is eating smaller portions of food. The therapy also concentrates on preparing nutritious food, doing more exercise, and concentrating on specific habits.

Mostly, I would say that I treat people that suffer from what I call one of the big five. These are: - anxiety, stress, IBS, panic attacks and depression. In my experience, if you can relate to one of these problems, you can relate to one or two of the others. Hypnotherapy and the techniques used can have a huge benefit to the client. Sometimes we work on easing these issues but sometimes these negative feelings can be nullified completely.

Recently, I have moved into the sporting world, helping athletes get the best out of their skills in different ways.

I have found the teaching my clients self-hypnosis can have such a positive outcome for them. A lot of my sessions feature techniques that can be performed at home which I encourage. When our session package has been completed, I like my clients to take away the self-hypnosis tuition with them as it has so many advantages.

Hypnotherapy is a unique experience. The aim is to connect with your subconscious mind and redirect your thinking and positive thought processes. The knock-on effect to this modality can be wonderful. Clients have reported that they fell much calmer and more grounded day by day. People sleep better in general and give themselves that extra split second to react to a situation, conversation, or event. This helps them stay in a good mood or enjoy better awareness of life and stay focused.

Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I have the best job in the world in my opinion. Helping people feel better about something is an awesome experience.

In addition, I have a passion and a talent for reading tarot cards. Although this is not my focus, I enjoy it and offer it as a service within my brand. These sessions are ideal as gifts.

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