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I help clients with all types of personal issues including erasing fears and phobias, easing anxiety and stress, plus smoking cessation and removing other addictions. Losing weight and trying to get more active and fitter is something I can directly relate to and has proved to be one of the most popular services which I offer.

I use hypnotherapy visions myself and this has partly helped me lose over 6 stones. When I first started on my hypnotherapy journey, I used general positive techniques to help clients lose a few pounds, feel better about themselves and be healthier. The results were fantastic. However, over the last few years I have concentrated on focusing on the fitting of a hypnotic band to help these clients and the results using this method have been even more amazing!

I have created a four-session package for clients to get the very best out of hypnotherapy techniques. After the initial free consultation, the first session is mainly about fitting the gastric band and going through in your mind the full process as if you were having a real one fitted. This starts with the meeting with the surgeon and finishes with returning home from your hospital visit. This session also includes some motivation work and a look into the future, concentrating on how you want to look and feel.

Some clients have a weight loss target, some have a dress or waist-size goal where others just want to feel better in themselves. The middle two sessions focus on individual issues like snacking, fatty or sweet foods or getting off the sofa and exercising. The final part of the therapy helps you to stay on track. Self-hypnosis tuition is provided throughout, as is the facility to contact me during the process for tips, recaps, or motivation.

Visits to my studio or meetings via Zoom occur every 2 weeks so that by the time the package has been completed, weight starts dropping off!

We all know how to lose weight. You eat healthy and nutritious food, do a little exercise, and consume less calories than you burn. Having the correct mindset is key which is where I come in.

These reviews are from Lesley via Facebook and Lindsey via Google.

I went to David for help with weight loss, I have struggled for many years. I had 4 sessions and I have already lost 10LB. I am very pleased with my progress. I would recommend David to everyone. Thank you so much David!

I’ve had the gastric band hypnotherapy from David. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had nothing to lose as I’ve tried everything to lose weight; done every diet on earth and ultimately failing. Dave gave me the know how to change my eating habits and to focus on being healthy long term. I’m now 3 stone down, running at least 4 times a week and my next goal is to get to 10k which I’m not far off. I Recommend David if you want to change.

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