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Hypnotherapy in Layman’s Terms

Like a lot of therapists, we all have our individual styles of working including procedures and specialisms. There are parts of hypnotherapy and techniques that I like to focus on where other therapists may work differently. What I am trying to say is we are all individual, whether you are a client or a therapist.

Although I touch on the subject on my website, I wanted to highlight within this blog in more detail what hypnotherapy means to me, how I work and what to expect. I have always offered and always will, a free consultation to all my clients. This is beneficial to both of us. I get the opportunity to describe how I work and collect notes on the issues at hand. The client not only experiences the journey to my studio, sits in the therapy chair but also meets me face to face. This means that the next session will be so much more relaxing as all the apprehension and nervousness would have disappeared next time we meet. Also at the consultation, you get the chance to ask as many questions as you wish.

In between the consultation and the hypnotherapy session, I create a therapy plan based on the information collected. This plan will include some relaxation and visualisation work, some techniques which may include metaphors and also some negativity release scenarios.

When you arrive at the studio for your second visit, I will go through the plan with you, giving you the basic details of what to expect. When you are ready, you will sit back, relax in the reclining chair and I will ask you to close your eyes. The session will always begin with some words to help you relax followed by visualisations which will help you become a little deeper. I will then deliver some information that your subconscious mind will absorb which will help you with the issues at hand. There will always be at least four techniques for your mind to embrace. Your powerful subconscious mind will take these positive suggestions and think about issues in a way that will give you more focus and guide you down a different path that will help you in so many ways.

Sometimes you will respond during a session with a nod of your head, a hand gesture or even speak with each other. When the therapy has been completed and you open your eyes, it maybe time for a stretch or a yawn!

At this point I will go over the session detail again with you and answer any questions you may have. I will describe why I chose a particular technique and how it will help you. I will then offer tuition for self-hypnosis. A brief outline of how to perform self-hypnosis can be found on my website here 

At this point, if a client has taken advantage of one of the packages that I offer, we will discuss which direction to take with regards to the next session. Quite often other issues can arrive that we need to work on.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy in general, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

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