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We are not born afraid of anything. These feelings are learned.

This maybe directly from a parent, something you have witnessed or an event that you have been involved in. There are many ways to help you delete these emotions, but all of these issues can be reversed.

Nobody is born afraid of spiders, heights or even clowns! Nobody is born with a dislike of water, flying or even cotton wool!

Together we can quash these anxious feelings through hypnosis and look ahead to a less stressful life and maybe achieve something which fear has been holding back! We can be addicted to just about anything we do!

Hypnotherapy techniques can alter your attitude towards addictions such as gambling, sex, TV and gaming to name just a few of the issues I have dealt with.

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What my clients say:


5 stars

This guy is the business!!! I went to Dave to help with my phobia of spiders and after a couple of sessions I'm cured!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a relaxing experience this was so I'm recommending anybody who's thinking of doing this to speak to Dave. You won't regret it.

Jean-Paul M. reviewed on Google


5 stars

For anyone with a fear I'd highly recommend Dave, Needless to say I was very skeptical this would work on my phobia of hieghts, they were so severe I would have a melt down even at 2 stories high! This is something I've dealt with ever since I remembered and it was getting in the way of my life.. I first met Dave at the antiques center in York and his office was on the top floor but to me that was to high so I had my consultation on the ground floor! Yesterday I had my first session of hypnotherapy and today I climbed the White Horse feeling much more in control and better, It was great to feel good about it instead of scared. I never thought I would ever be ok to be high up but somehow I didn't feel that fear today. I'm not quite sure how, as I felt no different when leaving yesterday but somehow it worked and I'm so pleased I went.. Thanks Dave!!

Lisa C. reviewed on Facebook

female5 stars

David Sear was fabulous. I have had a fear of flying for about fourteen years and nothing has helped me overcome this. After seeing David before my flight I was even able to look out of the window on take off and landing!!

Holly S. reviewed on Facebook

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